Two firsts for Tastee Tinges

Kerian Clery, owner of Tastee Tinges in realizing her vision of business expansion scores two ‘firsts’.

Ms. Clery was welcomed as the very first small business customer to benefit from the BOSL/ ECPCGC Guaranteed Loan programme. Ms. Clery has boasted that she is now able to expand her business and was given an opportunity to put up only 25% of the needed collateral.

Bank of Saint Lucia’s partnership with the Eastern Caribbean Partial Credit Guarantee Corporation (ECPCGC) offers small businesses, like Tastee Tinges, opportunities to access credit by guaranteeing a percentage of the collateral for these facilities.

Other small business owners are encouraged to make use of this opportunity which provides guaranteed loans for startups, working capital or business expansion.

Tastee Tinges also created quite the buzz, being the very first BOSL customer to transact using the DCash platform. DCash is the new Digital Cash Platform fully backed by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank.

It is the digital form of the ECCB dollar which allows for payments for goods and services and peer to peer transfers by way of a digital wallet. Businesses such as Tastee Tinges, can significantly benefit from this innovative technology.

The D Cash platform is now available to all customers.