Vernon Jean Founder Easy Click Solutions

Vernon Jean of Easy Click Solutions is the winner of the 2017 Business Idea of the year at the St. Lucia Business awards. 

Since then he has created 4 websites each focusing on to resolve a different issue and each with e-commerce capabilities built in. is created to meet the needs of various merchants and service providers. 

Vernon Jean believes that this can revitalize and revolutionize the St. Lucian marketplace and finally move it into the online world, like Amazon has done.

So, what are the fees? For now registration is free, though in the future we do plan to introduce a modest Registration fee / Subscription Charge. 

What persons are charged is a 4% transaction fee, this can be passed on to the consumer or integrated into the price of the product or service. Once the transaction come through you have full autonomy, with live real time reports on your transactions. Once your funds are requested it usually takes 1 working day to be transferred to your account, with no transfer fees.

For more details contact Vernon Jean at 758-724-9405