What’s brewing in Saint Lucia?

Running a brewery wasn’t new to Andy Hashey and Greg Potten, entrepreneurs from New Brunswick Canada. 

They’d opened Picaroons Brewing Company in Fredericton in 1995 and had been operating it successfully ever since. But the weather gets pretty cold in New Brunswick and the pair was ready to warm up and add something new to their lineup. 

Saint Lucia had great appeal.

Says Hashey, “We were looking at pioneering the craft beer movement in the region and we have a few key friends who are Lucian. There are close ties between Canada and Saint Lucia and many Lucians come to the University of New Brunswick for their education.”

The brewers visited the island in 2014, loved what they saw, and by 2015 already had a facility in place introducing locals and tourists to their craft beer. 

Today, they sell mostly to visitors in a draught and bottle distribution network that extends to resorts, hotels, bars and restaurants stretching from north to south and both their staff and their offerings have increased greatly. Everything is influenced by the local flavours of Saint Lucia.

The Canadian/Saint Lucian connection is a great surprise for Canadian cruise guests who arrive at the Castries cruise terminal at Pointe Seraphine to discover the tasting and retail location of the Antillia Brewing Company.

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