Who will be the Chairman’s Reserve Spice Rum Champion?

St. Lucia Distillers has introduced a new competition for bartenders or any who believes their spiced rum is the best!

The competition called the Chairman’s Spiced Lab celebrates St. Lucia’s rich culture, its spices and the creativity of its people.

Bartenders and spiced rum aficionados had up to August 8th to register for an opportunity to create a spiced rum to be enjoyed globally!

Bartenders and spiced rum creators will be provided with Chairman’s Reserve Rum and a packet of six compulsory spices to work with.

The persons chosen to participate in the Chairman’s Spice Lab competition will be notified on August 21st – and will have four weeks to create their magic.

A similar competition is taking place globally with Bartenders from the UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Greece, China and the United States also competing.

Two winners will be chosen from the international competitions to join the St. Lucian spiced rum champion – and in November they will work with the research and development team at St. Lucia Distillers in blending their very own Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum. They will be making rum history.

The St. Lucian winning the local leg of the Chairman’s Reserve Spice Lab competition will receive a cash prize of $2000, plus the opportunity to have their name and signature on a globally marketed limited edition of Chairman’s Reserve Spiced Rum.